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Pain In The Ventre? Your Child Suffers From Ventre's Woes?

The 3 preventive actions without medication or doctor… for your child Before about When our child bends in half and says he has a very bad stomach, we can feel helpless and quickly panic. I've seen moms throw themselves on medication to relieve their child when these 3 actions are in most cases enough to…
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The great Challenge of my life! Living with "Nonsco" Homeschooler, unschooler

The challenge: I set myself an incredible challenge in 2016, realizing in 2017, that of finding a place where "Nonsco" children live in total freedom. Nonsco – out-of-school children Who am I? My name is Laurence GOUTELLE, I am a psychologist and practitioner in EMDR. But I'm mostly a full-time mom of kids who weren't…
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