The great Challenge of my life! Living with "Nonsco" Homeschooler, unschooler

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The great Challenge of my life! Living with "Nonsco" Homeschooler, unschooler

The challenge:

I set myself an incredible challenge in 2016, realizing in 2017, that of finding a place where "Nonsco" children live in total freedom. Nonsco – out-of-school children

Who am I?

My name is Laurence GOUTELLE, I am a psychologist and practitioner in EMDR. But I'm mostly a full-time mom of kids who weren't happy at school. We took them out of school because they were too unhappy. And we discovered a community that was not suspected of existence, the "Nonsco"..

The great kidnapping

When I had my children, I loved spending time with them. And I managed to organize myself to work little time in the shrink office, in order to keep a lot of free time for them. When my eldest daughter left for school I felt a heartbreak in my heart as if my child were being kidnapped. It was not my choice this separation. And frankly, I was convinced that I had no other alternatives. I had no choice, my child was obliged by law to go to school. This is really what we are made to believe, every 3 years of our children. On the other hand, when your child is happy to go to nursery or school, it's nice, it frees up time. And if he's happy, after all, everyone's happy. Except that in reality, many children would give a lot of money not to go to school. In my case, I was working a little for a lot of time with my children. But, take it to me full time when I had time to devote to it. It was the worst thing that could happen to me. It did not suit either of us. My daughter cried every time we were separated, so every day until I found out what the government and the media were hiding from us.


I made the firm decision to get her out of school and started asking questions about other alternatives. No one to tell me. The only choice among the people I met was: "Your child is going to get used to it, she's going to stop crying." Resignation. This was the only option I had for my poor mother's pain and the suffering I was putting my daughter through. She had to resign herself. So I made the decision not to resign myself. And above all, not to teach resignation to my children. My god! The rebel! An act of civil disobedience. Resignation is taught in a normal and natural way in our Western culture, as a good thing. Resigning is good! That's the way it is, we have no choice. We are poor little creatures at the mercy of a great system. So I, alone in the world, decided that it was not good and fortunately, not only was I not alone but I also discovered that there were still many other areas where one could think without resigning. 

The government's well-kept little secret 

So I took out my two children, my daughter from small section and the last of the nursery (4 months of nursery in all). We went to Montessori and the problem of separation persisted. (I made a video that explains the insecurity initiated by the separation My daughter was always crying. Fortunately, I felt the problem was different and I had started to look for children who were not going to school. And then I discovered the hidden part of the iceberg. In January 2014 my children were outside the huge machine of the school system. What the government is not telling us, at all. I've never heard of this in my life.  And that's a pretty nasty dungeon… naughty government!!

The "nonsco" community

A huge community of children who do not go to school near me. (you will soon be able to read our book of testimonials "Les Nonsco near me"). Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, I have not even disobeyed because there is another school, which is done at home and is not outlawed. This is called family education. You've never heard of it? That was my case. To find out, you have to get up early. It is not school that is compulsory but education. In France, education is done at school or at home. And yes! It's French law. Even the teachers don't know. To say how much of a dungeon.

Crossing a free child in the street at school time

And that's why people who meet us on the street, ask us why aren't they at school? Because they are not happy about it, ma'am. They sit all day in a chair learning things that are not of their age and intellectual maturity and which in addition has no interest in them. Because they are being trained and no one has time to give them love. So, ma'am, you didn't know that we gather every day between moms who do the home education so that our children socialize every afternoon? The school asks the child to choose between mom and friends. We, ma'am, are making a nose for the government. We socialize them by being with them. And we give them school at their maturing level to go at their own pace while letting them play as much as possible. 

Informing people

It is by speaking in this way that I find myself talking about home education and without trying to convince or justify myself. I inform you that we have not yet seen everything on the iceberg. What do you think people say to me when They hear that? And quite unanimously, people tell me that in these conditions I'm right, and that school is full of unfortunates. Seriously, what do you want to say about the striking realization of a sinking school? A school that no longer gives any hope of having a situation, I think of students on unemployed graduates. I am thinking of general learning for people with different identities, different desires, different needs. It's really the Middle Ages. We need another school. Even the teachers in this old model can't take it anymore. The Scandinavian models are not yet ready to land here.

Stress around a child in school

We didn't make the easiest choice. But today being a mother, working, running all day, to bring the children to school, to dress them up.  It takes forever to dress a child in stress. In the evening pick them up, quickly, take the bath, prepare the meal on which the child may be reluctant. The ordeal of being a modern-day mother. It's not easy for any mother. Hats off to all mothers. So at least our kids are no longer in this frantic race. When my daughter went to school, I think I would say to her, "Quick, hurry up, go, go…" countless. That pressure was horrible. What a bad memory! So yes, we have to manage children at home, so do permanent but stress-free. Our children sleep and wake up naturally. 

Restorative sleep

I remember being woken up all my childhood. Out of REM sleep. The deepest and most restorative sleep. Our parents both worked. My mother used to work it out. We didn't get enough sleep. So in the morning, we needed to recover. We're being woken up in the middle of a dream. What violence! Wake up a child in his sleep! How can we say that we are an evolving people? Just on this aspect, wake up a child who sleeps and every day. Isn't that a sign that we're savages? Sleep is a vital and fundamental need for the growth of the small human. Prevent ingetering and being in need and really something horrible that is normalized just like beating a child, just like beating women in the past. Well, I'm telling you, science says it's not normal, it's not natural, it's not good for the development of a child's brain. And that's just one point among many. 

"Dys" works

Moreover, at school we learn concepts by heart that have nothing to do with our personality, our needs and above all our desires. Isn't that extremely violent either. This skull jam for the sake of our child. It's really out of date. Imagine yourself as an adult, you have a little time in front of you, you want to do this or that thing and no, you have to learn by heart, the physiological constitution of a grasshopper. And then we won't let you go until you know by heart. And if you can't because it's a fatal annoyance, we're going to drag you to a speech therapist and a neuropsychologist to do a test battery to make sure you're normal or find out that you "dys" are working. You have to pray to "dys" to work because otherwise it means that you are a congenital stay. In my family, we are almost all "dys" but at the time we were mistaken for the remainers. Today the "dys" has a different intelligence.

The robot portrait of the model student

In many cases, the few people who have the intelligence that corresponds to the criteria of the school can describe a typical portrait. The robot portrait of the good student: "person quite sociable, good student, adaptable, very obedient, no problem of dys functioning, ability to ingest a quantity of information in different areas, even uninteresting at will, excellent memory." Something like that. If you didn't fit that robot portrait, you'll go see a lot of specialists. That's good luck to your kids.

The "nonsco" schedule

We lived in a hamlet and our children waited until 5pm on Wednesdays and weekends to see their friends. So, forced every day to join the nonsco buddies and take the car. We had On Monday with my daughter's best friend, On Tuesday with the nonsco Marseilles, we made cultural visits, on Wednesday set extra-curricular activities, on Thursday set sail and with the pottery workshop for nonsco set sail and on Friday we had other possibilities. A busy week but a long drive. I have exhausted myself in the long run and I have made a very important decision in my life. Find another hamlet but with free children.

My challenge since 2016

My challenge took on an unexpected magnitude but became a real obsession, a quest for life. And I realized that we were full of people in the world to have made the same decision. We have had this crazy dream in August 2017 although I have started traveling since 2016. Then sold our house, bought a camper van and since 2017 we travel and look for Nonsco places to live. Then we went to Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy and within two weeks we go to England. We will do all nonsco meetings in July and August. And we hope to find a place where free children live. My goal is to learn English while living with nonsco, free children. I created a facebook page "Voyages et rencontres Nonsco, Homeschooler and Unschooler" meaning "travel and meeting homeschooler and unschooler" and facebook page "Habitat partagé unschooler et IEF "voisins nonsco" meaning "Habitat Shared Unschooler and nonsco neighbourg" page ."

What about the finances in all this?

I would end this article by talking about the finance part. How do I get money and live this dream life. As I said earlier, I am a psychologist and recently blogger. I have two blogs. One on my profession as a psychologist and therapist in EMDR. I give advice and consultations by phone and WhatsApp. The other, a personal development blog that comes in three parts. The first part is therapeutic management and psychiatric advice. The second part is about the life mission. I offer my help and coaching to live the famous "mission of life". I explain in detail what it is, and why it is so important. The third part concerns the planet and the alternatives that one can live in one's daily life by living a more natural life. I propose alternatives to be good on the planet in agreement with it. Non-schooling is in this part. 

If this challenge speaks to you and interests you, I would regularly give news on the nonsco travel and dating page. If you have any questions you can leave a comment. I would be happy to respond. 

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