Le chemin de la libération nécessite deux prises de conscience :

Prendre soin de soi et être en accord avec les autres en étant à sa juste place


Who doesn't have things to deal with. Old files just waiting to be deleted. It is necessary to do a work on oneself to be happy. 


The mission of life is a call that comes from the bottom of our bowels in order to do and be what is right for us and for others. We have a need in us to help others and to be useful in our areas of expertise.


Saving the planet is not taking the coprs by arm all the problems it is experiencing. At our individual level we can all act by increasingly respecet nature. Revolution is an interest in every human being, not an outside world.



"I testify in order to give hope to all those who are experiencing anxiety attacks, such as those I have experienced.
There is a cure: EMDR therapy.

This therapy helps to realize that everything is related to the relationships we have with our loved ones, especially the family and more specifically our father and mother.
Let all these feelings like fear, anger, guilt, sadness, submission… are directly related to our anxieties.
To realize that when all these emotions fall out we are finally freed from our chains and our anxieties.
A curious process can be, but effective. EMDR therapy gives real results by allowing you to resume a normal life and self-control.
For this suffering I have experienced, that is why I am addressing all those who are convinced not to get away with it.
I extend my gratitude to the therapist I confided in.»

Mrs. B

"My therapy with Laurence lasted 6 months. When I arrived, I was in mourning and completely lost in my life! Nothing was going on.
With Laurence I have regained my self-confidence, thanks also to the method she uses and which is called EMDR!
I felt a lot of emotions during my sessions: fear, anger, sadness, love etc… Then, after each session, something strange was going on inside me, I felt lighter and I perceived things differently too…
And all this combined allowed me to find myself in my life, to make decisions, to assume them above all and to assert myself with others because before I was very much in submission!

It is a therapy that I recommend because it is effective with willpower even if you have to work on yourself in parallel and take time for yourself.
I know I won't hesitate to go back to Laurence if I later ran into new problems!

A great experience and thank you for doing this job Laurence. »

Mrs B

So many journeys, so many sufferings and "lost" time so that at last chance will make me meet you.
Indeed, a large part of my life, I sought to free myself from my sufferings through multiple therapeutic approaches, to no avail. Then more recently by the E.Mr.D.R and hypnosis.

But nothing convincing, compared to your being and your accompaniment based on 'the pyramid of Maslow'.

Thank you for your certain skills and the quality of your support.

"When an inner situation is not brought to consciousness, it manifests itself on the outside, in the form of destiny. "C.G.Jung

Mrs. K

sychologist and practitioner EMDR
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