Pain In The Ventre? Your Child Suffers From Ventre's Woes?

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Pain In The Ventre? Your Child Suffers From Ventre's Woes?

The 3 preventive actions without medication or doctor… for your child

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When our child bends in half and says he has a very bad stomach, we can feel helpless and quickly panic. I've seen moms throw themselves on medication to relieve their child when these 3 actions are in most cases enough to solve the problem in less than 10 minutes.

Is your child or even your stomach ache? Before you run for medication or call a doctor what should you do? There are natural and alternative solutions before taking a chemical drug that is bad for your health. Don't panic and check these 3 points and wait for it to pass. You can also discover Thierry Casasnovas to see all his natural proposals.

1st Point: Freeing up space

Like on a computer, you have to free up space when it bug

The first thing to do when you have a stomach ache is to quickly go to the saddle to free up space. To begin with, you have to empty your bladder. Urinating will allow the full pocket (bladder) to be emptied. Once emptied, it will be able to fill up again and free up space throughout the digestive system. Let's say the bladder is full. Like a balloon inflated in our stomach, food can no longer circulate too well. All our organs touch each other and are glued to each other. So make sure your bladder empties in the first place. It takes a few minutes to release the gases and see if the child needs to defecate. Our stomach bug, and just like the computer must free up space.

Stuck gases are very painful

What usually hurts are the gases. The gases are trying to escape. If everything is blocked they create sometimes unbearable pain. Urinating in the first place frees up space and lets gases escape. Once in the toilet, it is imperative that your child understand that it is by freeing up space, defecating, throttle and urinating that the elements will be able to circulate and the pain will disappear.

2nd Point: Drinking water

Once the space is freed, the second act is to drink water. In the process you have to quickly swallow a large glass of water. A glass of water will fluidize the entire system. And as you would with a drug, you have to wait and let it work. Imagine that you put water in a jar already filled, the water sneaks where there is air and space left. A few minutes later the urge to return to the saddle is felt and the pain passes. We're still helping to get the whole system through better circulation. Water is the best medicine. It will help free up space, push food and infiltrate everywhere and unlock what's mouthing.

When I was pregnant, my physiotherapist told me to drink a glass of water when I got up in the morning to improve my transit. It's working! For those who have problems going to the saddle, this is a not insignificant info. Having said that, as a psychologist I testify that the vagaries of our psychological disorders are related to our transit. I had patients who were better and no longer had diarrhea. Think about it!

One last point on water a little more holistic and spiritual. For starters I advise you to discover the work of Masaru EMOTO is really stunning. I slipped a little video to give you an overview of his extraordinary discoveries. Then Anne GIVAUDAN at minute 10.29 explains how to drink water in conscience. I'll let you take the time to find out if it resonates with you.

3rd Point: The Movement

Physical movement helps the movement of transit

And the third gesture is walking and/or movement. Walking also helps the transit to function better. The movement of the body helps the movement of the transit. So don't hesitate to make your child work.

Ineffective massage

Massage is unfortunately ineffective in helping to unlock pain when you don't know how to massage properly. As I said earlier the pain comes largely from the gases that are still stuck. The massage may hurt. Doctors know the body well and are familiar with the flow of food and therefore can help effectively. But a neophyte like a lambda mother will not necessarily know how to massage his child properly and may hurt his child even more.

Once the space is freed by evacuating, the glass of water swallowed and the small walk practiced, the pain goes away because the system resumes a fluid circulation.

Know your body

If the pain persists despite these preventions after 15 minutes there may be something else. These actions will of course have no effect on a real health problem. That's why it's important to teach our children how to know their bodies to identify pain. Know when they are stuck gases or if it's something else. Let us teach our children to know their bodies, by acting and observing.

The idea is to take the time to know your body and teach your child how to manage pain alone, without medication and without a doctor. Before you get alarmed understand what is going on in your body and follow the stages of pain. To observe and relieve yourself is also to regain one's personal power by knowing one's own and knowing one's body.

The attitude of the adult to deal with the child's pain

What should we remember? The most important thing in stomach pains is to remember that stuck gases are extremely painful and can greatly impress as the pain is very acute. Do all three things calmly. Show your child your composure and that everything is fine that it is a story of a few minutes. Your child becoming an adult will always take a time by managing his pain with a calm and calm attitude.

There are two imperative reactions to have with your child. The first reaction you need to have is to show empathy and compassion to your pain. I recognize that you are in pain and that it is very painful. Often it is thought that to lessen the gravity of the situation will calm down but it is the opposite. If the child does not feel recognized in what he feels and suffers, he may scream and panic and you will have the opposite effect. Tell him that it hurts a lot but that we will do the 3 gestures that will take everything away.

Once recognized, the second reaction to show is calm. Being calm will soothe the child and secure him. Running to a drug, panicking or being afraid yourself will terrify the child and scare him even more. If I run to a drug it means I can't get by on my own. The solution is outside of me??!! Is that the message you really want your child to remember? What I invite you to do through this article is to find your solutions inside you and teach it to your children. I have everything in me. I observe myself, I get to know myself better and relieve my pain alone, without resorting to anything outside of me.

To remember! In front of my child I am compassionate and I recognize that he is suffering. I stay calm and reassure him by telling him what we're going to do.

The word of the end

For the last word, I share with you what I have been saying to my children since they were little. As soon as they have a physical problem, illness, pain, a cut, a bobo etc. I tell them that their bodies have everything inside to heal. So we're watching what's going on. We are talking about small bodies, cells for example, inside the large body that act and are all super operational to regulate dysfunction. I also tell them to say thank you to their bodies and to all the cells that take care of them and who do everything possible to settle everything quickly. We see the results a few hours later and we are never disappointed. My children have trusted their bodies since they were very young and know that it will provide for everything they need.

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